Miley Cyrus Net Worth

Miley Cyrus Net Worth Over Time

Miley Cyrus Net Worth 2006 $26,000

Miley Cyrus Net Worth 2012 $152,052,963

Miley Cyrus Net Worth 2013 $164,810,101

Miley Cyrus Net Worth 2014 $184,071,773

Miley Cyrus Net Worth 2015 $247,104,679

Born to country singer Billy Ray Cyrus as Destiny Hope Cyrus, Miley made a name for herself nearly a decade ago when she starred on the Disney Channel hit show “Hannah Montana”. Cyrus portrayed a squeaky clean teen pop star, but her image has certainly changed over the past few years as she is now one of the most controversial and polarizing figures in music.

But as the old saying goes, “Sex sells,” and Cyrus has done it masterfully as her net worth has swelled to over $165 million. Cyrus wouldn’t be hurting too much for money as she comes from a famous family, but her personal net worth is a sight to behold.

Cyrus started raking in the dough when she was on “Hannah Montana”, and she quickly signed a recording contract after getting her start on TV. Cyrus’s first album, “Meet Miley Cyrus” was released in 2007 and it went quadruple platinum with more than four million copies sold. To round out the year, Cyrus’s “Best of Both Worlds Tour” pulled in more than $100 million, netting Cyrus with a profit of $18 million on the year.

In 2008, a 3D concert film was released that showcased Cyrus, pulling in $31 million. Cyrus had another tour that year with the “World Wonder Tour” and she also released the album “Breakout” that has sold more than three million copies worldwide. For the year, Cyrus made a profit of about $25 million to establish herself as a bona fide superstar.

Cyrus stayed on the road in 2009 to pad her net worth to continue the “World Wonder Tour” and even released “Hannah Montana: The Movie”. The film pulled in more than $150 million in box office tickets, and Cyrus walked away with another $25 million in take home cash on the year. The next year, she took a break from touring to release another movie (“The Last Song”) as well as a new album, “Can’t Be Tamed”, which sold more than one million copies.

Even though album sales were on the decline for Cyrus over the years, she was still raking in big bucks through those other avenues, as album sales only make up a small portion of net worth anyway. Cyrus had another money making tour in 2011 with the “Gypsy Heart Tour”, and earned $54 million on the year.

Cyrus added some assets to her net worth, buying two cars and a home in 2012. Cyrus purchased a Porsche Cayenne estimated to be $90,000 and a McLaren MP4-12C that was worth $200,000. The home that Cyrus bought in Studio City, California is estimated to be worth around $4 million, as well.

2013 and 2014 would see Cyrus have her biggest money making years yet, as she released the highly popular “Bangerz” album that sold more than 2 million copies. For each show during the subsequent “Bangerz Tour”, she would earn $500,000 to take home. It was estimated that in 2014, Cyrus brought home $76.5 million thanks to record sales, concert ticket sales and more.

It has been estimated that all of her albums and singles have brought Cyrus nearly $20 million in net worth, while her concerts have generated nearly $180 million. There is also an estimate that says Cyrus made $6.5 million from acting (that includes “Hannah Montana”) and that she has $35 million in investments.

Estimates claim that Cyrus has brought in about $7 million in endorsements. There is earning potential for more, but most companies would prefer to avoid a controversial figure like Cyrus. However, she has still been able to receive endorsement deals with Beats by Dre headphones, as well as eos lip balm. Disney also paid her quite handsomely in endorsements while she was still a teen star.

Cyrus has at least a small appearance coming up in “Zoolander No. 2”, and ended 2015 with a brief one month tour called the “Milky Milky Milk Tour”, and numbers are still being added up from the ticket sales. Also included in 2015’s earnings that are still being tallied are the sales from her album “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” that was released in August 2015.

There is no word about any new albums or tours that are coming for Cyrus in 2016, but there are still bound to be plenty of promotions and appearances, and a tour can be thrown together rather quickly. It doesn’t look like she will be able to top the last three years that she has had, but with nearly $200 million in net worth to fall back on, Miley Cyrus isn’t struggling.

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