This Week Eminem New Music Dropping?

Though Eminem caught much attention following his guest verse on Big Sean’s I Decided. track “No Favors” when he sent shots at Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, he’s been relatively quiet on the music front. The last time anyone heard a single from him was last year’s lyrical sledgehammer “Campaign Speech,” which Slim Shady did say was the precursor to an album.

As we all know, Em leads a closed private life and hardly ever comes out for any public appearances, events or the like. So when Em does get photographed, every single section of the photo is analysed very carefully. This is exactly what has been going on ever since Shady Records runner and Em’s longtime manager Paul Rosenberg shared the above photo on his Instagram yesterday with the caption “It’s been a long time… #7elevenseries”. Fans are asking: “what is written on Eminem’s palm?”

The two are standing in a corner store (get it 7-Eleven). Em spreads his arms wide, goofing around while Rosenberg has his usual deadpan demeanor that made him famous on The Marshall Mathers LP skits. But what stans are tweeting in a frenzy about is the illegible scribble on the Detroit rapper’s raised palm. Some think it reads April 9 and that new music will be dropping then. We’ll have to wait and see, though.

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