Wendy Williams’ Son & Husband Square Up In Parking Lot, Police Called: Report

Kevin Hunter Sr. accused Wendy Williams of “brainwashing” their son.
The world of Wendy Williams continues to get messier and messier in front of our very own eyes. In all fairness, she makes a living off of everybody else’s “tea” so this seems to be more of karma’s work than anything else. We all know that she and her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, have been going through a sloppy divorce which trickled into both of their professional lives. However, it appears as if their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., isn’t necessarily happy about Kevin Hunter’s demand for spousal support.

According to TMZ, Kevin Hunter Sr. and Kevin Hunter Jr. got into a physical fight earlier today and the police were called on the scene. The fight apparently went down near their New Jersey home. Wendy reportedly dropped off her 18-year-old at the house to pick something up. She left and was going to come back to pick him up. However, Kevin Hunter Jr. was unaware that his father was there, although things between them have been copacetic since the divorce.

The two later went to the store right after midnight but reportedly got into it over Kevin Hunter’s demand for spousal support. Kevin Sr. then went in on her son and accused Wendy of “brainwashing” him. Things reportedly escalated after that with Kevin Sr. putting his son in a headlock. Kevin Jr. reportedly punched his dad in the face.

Police later investigated the incident. Hunter shared a statement shortly after, saying that this won’t turn into any sort of legal thing. “I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally. Things are not always how they appear,” he said.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images 

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