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Euroz – I.S.H.

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Euroz – I.S.H. Lyrics

[Verse] Whether it was copy or kill They tryna outline em Familiar with what homes worth I guess the house buying I got money on the height My account climbing Kill this game until one of these fucking scouts chim in Then did it all feel like it’s owed to me Did favors for the title Shit is old to me Ain’t no seconds for second place We over eating plenty Hit the masses with the bounds on a corporate leash So underground, know we so elite Ghost status, ghost status but I’m knowing shit Aye you heard me shit, knowing shit And I’m still alarm clocking ain’t letting no one sleep Lukewarm as niggas in ya’ll top 5 I’m really fired think before you put em over me Well let the marinate Been the one they underate Feel like i’m Gary pain Still at it, division cleared And I’m very patient First, they tell you one thing then come with variations Them niggas cool we get it popping too Next to whoever he heating up That boy in hot pursuit The business guess who fit for it Tho we not in suits A lot of shit is in motion Watch when he tried the news They ain’t fucking with the view and I’m behind the scope The mailman of this rap shit I push the envelope It’s that boy sick to deaf and not that common cold Turn clowns for commas, niggas is comical The only cloud that my head is in is the chronic smoke Been bussing moves more often This rap shit kinda slow Bloodhound for the bread, a nigga meal sniffing Can’t fuck with this infrastructure, I’m built different Perspectives when you on that throne way ahead of time Meanwhile, I’m frying niggas straight kill switching Ya’ll boys conscious the clumsyous Niggas guilt-tripping We ain’t got to be in touch to know it feels different Had moments where I contemplated dissing niggas Show you the difference between what they do and this shit nigga I’m a sponge to a sink, can’t be washed nahh Plus this about [?] after you diss shit nigga Shit got me tired I’m wool as steal ain’t no one speared As of late I’m between humbling oh well What the fuck is validation when you know it’s there They ususlly mad when your standards ain’t as low as theirs I’m a mastermind, mad at me cuz we don’t think the same Stack it till I see I’m grey or I see a grave The green suit me best this my Louigi face Look at ya’ll like peeping toms forced to see the change Im thinking out loud Expensive thoughts, you could keep the change I’m here to make my mark Ya’ll niggas leaving stains

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