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Jay Sean – Cherry Papers

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Jay Sean – Cherry Papers Lyrics

You took all my papers
Now I hit the pen
Had a different view
Now i’m on the fence
Never split the bill
Now it’s making sense
We did it for the thrill, that’s past tense
Had some wild times with some fine wine
Could watch you all night, couldn’t find time

Faded conversations on a cloud nine
I think of them sometimes when i’m

Driving down westside and hit 14th
Not in the path of green

I know we got lost by chasing moonlight
Smoking cherry papers
Headlights make your lips shine
You know that’s my favorite
Fast forward, time moves so quick
I’m looking at my dashboard see that lipstick
On those cherry papers

Look to my right, I might be a fool
But, they’re all that I got to remind me of you
Yea, there’s no way around to know what you’re doing
Don’t know what I want
Don’t know what i’m proving
How could I forget those circle windows
Smoke alarms, and purple lendo
Leftover Nobu rental
Listening to instrumentals

Your love’s not forgotten
I know I should’ve thrown them long ago
The truth is it’s hard to fake it
Sometimes I just need remind-ness of you
Cause we’ve divided to two

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