Kevin Gates – Dreka

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Kevin Gates – Dreka Lyrics

[Intro] Alhamdulillah (Yeah)
Kingdom of Morroco
[?] My spirit know the truth, you heard me?
Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil ‘alamin
Trauma Tone

[Verse 1] Drek , sit down, we need to talk, I’m ’bout to break your heart
The burden stepped and placed upon you, babe that’s all my fault (All my fault)
Cheatin’, multiple women, I can’t keep no account (Keep no account)
Takin’ care of multiple women, out of seperate accounts
Every time I sat in a cell, you send whatever amount
Spendin’ millions on lawyers, tryna help me get out
‘Member when we was seventeen? You was a virgin
What I did, broke your spirit, got our daughter murdered, huh
Loving shit that was never worthy
Tryna tear down what you helped me built on purpose, but you stayed solid
Makin’ you look stupid in the streets, but you stayed by me
Hoes say this and that, you never speak, you stayed silent
Sometimes I just sit alone and think, couldn’t take it
If the shit I did was ever done to me
Women keep their business real discreet, and they stay smilin’
We healin’ now, huh? (We healin’ now)
Caught a body, came and hid with you on LSU campus
Operatin’ off batteries, dide sent him I smashed ’em
Swear to God from this day forward it’s ’bout makin’ you happy
We healin’ now
Askin’ God to cleanse my scars and turn my pain into passion
Forgave myself for past mistakes, I’m not afraid to look backwards
I see us when we were children , when my children look at me
Know there’s gotta be a God, ’cause He protected my family
He protected my family

[Chorus] (I was cryin’ inside)
In the kingdom of Morroco
(I was dyin’ inside)
In the kingdom of Morroco
(I was dyin’ inside)
Kingdom of Morroco
I was dyin’ inside (I was dyin’ inside, Alhamdulillah)
Kingdom of Morroco

[Verse 2] Only talkin’ to myself, I’m statin’ facts (What up?)
Had to get off Instagram, ain’t no street nigga do that
That’s whack
I don’t care ’bout who no rat, I ain’t no rat
I don’t care who got them racks, I got them racks (I got them racks)
That’s that
Watch how I put the money, count, I crack the safe and rack ’em back
Watch how I switch up, what I’m drivin’, new attire, back to back
Watch how I pull up with Alvin, yeah, OG Boobie Black
OVO, this baby Draco make a gangster, Nolia clap
You can’t say that you not scared of nothin’
It’s always gon’ be something that you scared of
But you can be brave
I’m a braveheart, hit the interstate with the race cars
I’m your fantasy, don’t fall in love with me, I break hearts
But I’m genuine, well, I must admit, I got a great heart
I took some bullets, gave some bullets, I’m retawdid in war
He who play with me, stay away from me, don’t let me shake back
I redo your mama frontal with this big bitch in my lap
I know the nine ward guard, in any section, I’m stamped
I bet a hundred off the flap my name ring in your trap
I ain’t never check off a line, my name rang in the parish
Can’t make bond in 30 minutes, sent me straight to back
One way the Dumb way, I go straight to the max
Don’t know how to power down, I go straight to the max
I go straight to the max

[Outro] Big Morrocan empire
Big Morrocan empire
Kingdom of Morroco
Say Dreka I love you
Kingdom of Morroco
And my daughter come to me and tell me that they celebrate Indigenous people day, I tell her baby you should feel proud
We native to this land
My grandfather stepped in these trenches
My children gon’ step in these trenches
Kingdom of Morroco
Big Morrocan empire
Kingdom of Morroco
I’m big Morrocan empire
A’oudhou billahi mina sheitan rajim
Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim
Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil ‘alamin
Arrahmanir rahim. Maliki yawmiddin. Iyyaka na’budu wa iyyaka nasta’in. Ihdinas siratal mustaqim. Siratal ladhina an’amta’alaihim, ghairil maghdubi’alaihim wa lad dhallin
So it is

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